Saturday Challenge Day

Happy Saturday!

Hope everyone’s week went well! Mine did not go exactly as planned, so I didn’t finish my master bedroom project. I plan to finish it next week. Sometimes life just interferes and you don’t get everything done. It’s okay. I’ll move on. 🙂

Monday’s challenge project will be…(insert dramatic music or drumroll)…the bathroom! Ewww! Exciting, right?

So if that’s a challenge you need to take, there will be a detailed post on Monday. If not, here are some options.

1.  Weekly Challenge #1, 2 or 3 – choosing a spot in your house that just plain aggravates you or makes you mad every time you see it. Visualize what you want it to look like and spend 15 minutes every day, Monday – Friday, working on it. Being sure, of course, to take before and after pictures so we can see!

2. The kitchen challenge

3. The living room challenge

4. The master bedroom challenge

5. The laundry challenge

All of these can be found on the blog page under the appropriately-titled (I hope) categories; on Facebook, they are all under the “notes” section.

In addition, we want you to really try to:

  • plan your menu for the week (see the post on this)
  • do something fun just because you can
  • spend 15 minutes a day on yourself

We are having our first focus group meeting today…I’m sure we’ll have lots of ideas to keep us busy in the coming weeks and months. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

Lynne & Teresa


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