Twelve Simple Ways to Declutter

We have been talking about decluttering our lives in small increments of time. Today I thought I would share twelve simple ideas to declutter. None of these will take a long time but just think how much you will conquer if you do these twelve.

1. Empty one box from your storage space.
2. Designate one surface as completely clutter free.
3. Choose one winter coat. Donate the others to a shelter.
4. Give pots and pans away that you never use, even if they are part of a set.
5. Stop comparing. You don’t need everything they have.
6. Stop shopping sales. Save the money.
7. Opt out of junk mail.
8. Give away holiday decorations that you don’t use this year. Next year, you won’t remember what you gave away.
9. Clean out one of your junk drawers.
10. Don’t buy stuff to store your stuff. Get rid of the stuff!
11. Set gift giving expectations with family and friends. (If your kids are younger, this is important to do.)
12. Put people before stuff. Every time!

Remember: you didn’t accumulate your clutter overnight, so don’t get frustrated that it doesn’t disappear overnight. Start small and let the joy and calm you feel in that moment when you have decluttered something else in your life motivate you to continue.

Happy Decluttering! ~ Teresa


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