Better Late Than Never. Right?

Good Saturday evening!

Hope you all had a great day! I sure did! It was a beautiful and sunny day here today and it was so wonderful to be outside a large part of the day to enjoy it. I am so ready for spring to get here and stay a while. However, if you know anything about SC weather, we’ll have about a week of spring and then it will be summer. Whether it’s April or June…matters not.

I started out this day at the CSRA Heart Walk (when it was not yet warm) with my daughter and a couple of my “extra” children. 🙂 The turnout was pretty big. We did a walk on the trail and headed home. Then my hubby and I headed to visit with my parents for the afternoon. They live out in the country and their house overlooks a pond. It’s so quiet and peaceful there. Had a good visit with them. Rode around with Mom on the golf cart. Then I took another walk (Mom wanted to know how far it was around the pond) and then a little jog. It was very nice. Came home and took yet another walk with my hubby. Can you tell that I really, really wanted my 7 Weight Watchers activity points today?

Not that you wanted to know all about my day, but I wanted to explain why my post is so late. 🙂

So, it’s checkup time. How are we doing? Are you losing momentum? Are you still on a roll? What’s giving you the most trouble right now? I’d love to address any issues you might be having – even if we’ve covered them before. Simplifying your life takes time and effort. But I think we’ll all be much happier when we’re done. And then – hopefully – we’ll maintain that lifestyle.

That means we have to realize that simplifying is a lifestyle change. It’s not just something you’re doing to fulfill one of your New Year’s resolutions and will then abandon once your house is in order. It will mean thinking before buying something. It will mean choosing to say “no” to things even though they sound good because your schedule is as full as you like it. It will be daily – even moment to moment – choices about many different things.

You are following Simplify 2013 for a reason. So if you are having trouble keeping up, go back and read some of the older posts. Look at the before and after pictures. Let’s get motivated again if that’s what we need. But don’t abandon ship just yet!

Seriously. Please tell me what needs to be addressed next – or again. I want to be here for you to help you as much as I can!

And, by the way, we didn’t get nearly enough recipes. Let’s get some of those coming. I’ll be posting one for crash potatoes. Yummy! Love!

Have a wonderful evening!



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