What a week!

Hey there! Yes, I know it’s late afternoon and I’m just now posting. My computer has been less than cooperative today. (For a while, actually. But that’s another story.) This time change has really thrown me for a loop. I can’t keep my days straight this week. I’ve probably missed appointments. Please don’t say it’s old age. That would just make me cry. And you don’t want to make me cry, do you? Of course not. So keep the age comments to yourself. 🙂

Okay…so I expected more response from the recipe post. Like…lots of them. Wonderful, yummy, healthy recipes. We got three. Three. Sadness. I love trying new recipes and was so looking forward to having lots to choose from. (Insert heavy sigh here.) So I’m giving you another chance to share. I, too, will post some recipes. I didn’t last week because I wanted to see your recipes, not mine. Still, I will share.

Also, here is a challenge just for tomorrow. Now, I am issuing this challenge because I seriously need to do it. It’s something that is always a problem. (Dramatic drum roll.) Clean out your purse/pocketbook. Yikes! Mine is scary! I should just carry a little pouch with my driver’s license and debit card in it. Maybe a Chapstick. Do I need all those random receipts in there? If so, I probably don’t need them crammed into the bottom of my purse. Do I really need ten pens? Really? Of course not. And who knows what I might find if I get the receipts out of the way. So, yes. Clean out your purse tomorrow, ladies. (Gentlemen, if you have a wallet that looks like George Costanza’s from the “Seinfeld” episode about his wallet, then you need to get to work, too.)

I’m thinking about next week’s challenge. Think. Think. Think. Like Winnie the Pooh. I’m afraid I’m going to feel led to clean out the outdoor storage closet or the storage building. I’m afraid because there could be roaches there. We all know that I am deathly afraid of those.

Sorry this is so late! Bear with an old lady, okay? (Not really old. Middle-aged. Which sounds about as bad. Another heavy sigh.)




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