Spring is Here!

Hey, everyone!

It’s official! Spring is here! Yesterday we had mostly sunny skies and a high of 72 degrees. It was glorious! Today – on the first official day of spring – it’s cloudy and only 55 degrees and a good chance that temps will get down to freezing tonight. What?? Heavy sigh. I expected it as we always seem to have a cold spell just before Easter, but still.

I love spring. Love, love, love. In spite of my allergies. I love the newness of the green leaves on the trees. Of the azaleas and dogwoods blooming. Spring to me signifies new life. I’m ready for gardening. I’m ready to be able to sit on my porch or deck in the morning and have my morning coffee and devotional while enjoying the sounds of nature. (I pretend like I don’t live in a neighborhood.) Spring makes me happy. If we had spring-like weather year round, you’d get no complaints from me.

All that being said, I still feel the need for spring cleaning. And that’s way less exciting than flowers blooming and birds building their nests. So I am making spring cleaning lists and checking them twice (or more) so that I can share them with you. Are there certain household chores that you only do once a year during spring cleaning. I know I have some. Darn those windows that need washing! (I’m thinking now if I can “persuade” someone else to do them for me.)

I’m going to take a nap now. I’m awfully sleepy. (Possibly because the Benadryl I had to take earlier. Possibly because I just want one.) Y’all have a great day!

Please comment about those household chores that you “save” for spring cleaning time. I’ll add them to my list. I may not do them, but I’ll write them down. 🙂






One thought on “Spring is Here!

  1. Emily says:

    Spring Cleaning…unfortunately I don’t look to Spring with as much enthusiasm as Lynne :0( My kids have the WORST allergies of the whole family and Spring is accompanied by misery until the inferno is in full swing. Nonetheless, we Spring Clean a few things in the house. The list is usually covered twice a year…

    Couch: vacuum and scrub, it is tortured by the kids and the fabric is easily refreshed with a warm soapy cloth and a lot of elbow grease.
    Cabinets, door frames and baseboards: wash and sometimes touch up paint…magic eraser cleans almost everything.
    Carpet cleaning
    Pressure wash the house
    Clean out the clutter day (I really deal with this all year long) I don’t keep anything for very long (except fabric and craft supplies…because we use them so often). Luckily, we have two neighborhood yard sales a year and the next one is at the end of April. This time I have a strategy to get rid of stuff for real: “everything is $1” and I mean everything! I hope it works…I might even have a “please take it, it’s free zone” :0) So, we will see! Toys and clothes from the kids are the biggest chore…they go through both very fast. Luckily, they are older now and are interested in participating in choices for the “yard sale” box.

    I look forward to seeing other ideas. Have a great day!

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