Thursday Afternoon Ramblings

Good afternoon!

Hope you all are having a good day!

Here we are almost at the end of another week. Time flies by these days, it seems. It has been a cool (cold to me), blustery couple of days here. Seems like we sprang forward with the time and our temperatures sprang the opposite direction. I don’t like it! I might whine. I am ready for flip flops. Seriously. This time last year, we were wearing flip flops by now.

I feel like my week has been hectic – though it probably hasn’t been hectic by most people’s definition of the word – and that I need a “catch up” day. Luckily for me, I can do that tomorrow. Nothing around here is particularly messy, so maybe I’m just feeling the need to clean. I’m weird that way sometimes. A clean and sparkly house makes me happy. And it’s spring. I want to rearrange furniture or something. It’s been a few months since I moved any furniture around. That doesn’t happen very often. My husband says he never knows where the bed will be at night.

So, how are we doing with this week’s challenge? Are you working the four 15-minute time periods each day to get things done? Are mornings running more smoothly at your house? Are you menu planning to make evenings easier? Tonight at our house is “leftover buffet” night; in other words, I’m cleaning out the fridge. 🙂 How is your laundry situation? Are you keeping it under control, or is the laundry monster knocking at your door? If he is, don’t let him in! Keeping up with the laundry is a major stress-reliever. A whole weekend spent doing laundry is not.

Take a few minutes today or tomorrow to plan next week’s dinners. If you can, plan breakfasts and lunches as well. I have found (and I started planning three meals plus snacks with Weight Watchers) that when I do that, it makes the whole day run more smoothly. I have been planning dinners for a week at a time, and plan the breakfasts, lunches and snacks the night before. Try it and see if it works for you.

Enjoy what’s left of the day. I’m off to get my exercise in.





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