Weekly Challenge: Menu Planning and Grocery Budgeting

Good morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I think I would have enjoyed mine a little bit more (maybe a lot more) if I were a duck. Boy, was it a wet one here. I did run the 5K Saturday night. The rain had mostly stopped until mile three. During mile three, it just rained more and more. And so my speed picked up accordingly. I was glad to be done and get out of the rain! It was for a good cause, so I won’t complain. And it did help me with my time. 🙂

This week’s challenge is as much a challenge for me as for any of you. Maybe not the menu planning part, but definitely the grocery budgeting. After our mortgage, groceries are our biggest expense. And while I still spend less to feed us all than I would if we ate out all the time, I do need to cut my grocery budget. Because this is DEFINITELY not my area of expertise, so I’m asking you – yes, YOU – to give me some tips. Pretty please.

I feed four adults three meals a day plus snacks. I do as little processed food as possible, and I make as much as possible from scratch. I do have a garden, but it’s not ready yet, of course. Except for lettuce and broccoli. We eat lots of fresh veggies. I may actually not be as bad as I think I am budget-wise based on how we eat. But it still hurts to hand over money to the grocery store every week. It really does. (I’m going to go through my checkbook and see how much I’ve spent at the grocery store in the last couple of weeks.)

So. I want you all to share your grocery budget tips with me and the rest of the Simplify 2013 community/family. If you follow the blog but not on Facebook, email me your suggestions and I’ll share them there. And I’ll share the ones on Facebook with you as well.

Thank you in advance! I know we’ll get some great ideas!



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