Guest Post by Christina Levy

Hey Everyone!

Lets start this thing with a little something so you know what I’m all about shall we?

My name is Christina and I run a business called Life of Haiti. I grew up in a Haitian household, and last year I had the opportunity to mix my passion for missions + my love for Haiti. I was lucky enough to share my amazing experience with my mom, and boyfriend James (You might know him from a few posts he wrote earlier this year – “Keychains and Pinterest”)

After coming back home from our mission trip, I had Haiti on my mind ALL THE TIME! There was this pull inside me to help make immediate change happen down there. Something that would be more than just a week of my summer vacation each year.

After lots of tossing and turning, I decided to partner up with James and publish an illustrated magazine – Life of Haiti – This magazine would tell the personal stories of the Haitian people. The best part is aside from business costs, the money would go to support organizations in Haiti who are making change happen in the little country that I love so much.

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So that right there is a quick summary behind Life of Haiti. OH, I forgot to mention, there is a lot of design when it comes to Designing a Magazine. Design was something I knew absolutely NOTHING about – I had to learn it from scratch.

This is where it gets good and I tell you guys how I learned to simplify my life in order to keep myself sane + massively productive.

What did I do to make this happen you ask? I Minimalized my Life.

What does that do? – You ask amazing questions! In my case, Minimalizing my Life was as simple as organizing/cleaning up the area where I planned on being most productive. (i.e. my computer’s desktop.) By doing this, I could focus on getting to the task at hand instead of getting stressed by the clutter. I minimalized my desktop by having a simple background and maybe 2 folders (the ones I would be working out of the most.) Doing that made my work time more streamlined, productive, and it minimalized the stress I had while I went through the stressful process of learning how to design a magazine in a month. (I only had a month to do it because that was how long my winter break was and I couldn’t focus on Life of Haiti AND school)

My KEY POINT in this is to make life simpler for you and the people around you by minimalizing your life.

So here is some Homework for you – it’s not going to be that bad I promise.
I want you to take sometime and minimalize your work space/creative area BEFORE you get to your task. The key word here is BEFORE – this won’t work if you do it after.

What does this look like for you? For my mom, it is the kitchen sink. There CAN NOT be dishes in the sink if she is cooking, or while she is cooking. For me, it is keeping my desktop clear. For you, it might be having tons of folders on it, but you know where everything is.

When you minimalize your life, the best part is that it is unique to you and no one else, because no one ticks the same way you do. So lets hear it! How do you minimalize your life?


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