It’s weekly challenge day! Hooray! :)

Good morning!

Hope you all had a great weekend! We got a lot of rain on Friday. Then on Saturday, it rained. And yesterday, we had some rain. The outlook is pretty good for rain today as well. Sigh. It really hasn’t felt very summer-like other than the humidity. It has looked like a wet dreary winter. Sigh, again. I feel pretty certain that our drought conditions are no more.

I don’t know about you, but dreary weather makes me…dreary. And I’m more than happy to sit around in comfy yoga pants and read a book and drink coffee. However, if I’d done that every dreary rainy day over the last month…well, I’d be living in a pigsty. And I’d likely be hungry by now. So we soldier on and get things done even when we don’t really feel like it. That actually gives you a greater sense of accomplishment, by the way. Just like exercising when you don’t want to. Or making a wise food choice when you don’t want to. Or – gasp! – choosing water over yet another cup of coffee. (That’s a big one for me.)

So here are the daily challenges for this week. Remember to do a load of laundry every day if you can. And don’t forget your 5-minute walk through each night before bed just to straighten the area you’ll see first in the morning.

Also, if there is something you struggle with that you like to see addressed or even re-addressed, please let me know. I’d really like to focus on what YOU need to do to simplify your life and make things easier on yourself.

Here goes:

Monday – Menu planning day

Plan 4-5 meals. You do not have to plan for specific days if you don’t want. Just have the ingredients on hand for the meals you plan. You might even try planning meals based on what you already have on hand. Avoiding the grocery store is a great plan in my book! I would suggest that you decide either the night before or the morning of on a definite meal so that you can defrost, slow cook, marinate, etc. as needed. Planning 4-5 meals instead of seven leaves you a day for leftovers, takeout, or going out. Maybe date night for you and pizza for the kiddos. Sometimes I have “fend for yourself night.” My family is not a big fan of this night, but I am. Heehee.

Tuesday – Bathroom cleaning day

You know the drill. Bathroom cleaning day is NOT my favorite day. But I also don’t like a dirty bathroom. The choice is clear. It must be done. That’s all I have to say about that.

Wednesday – “Take care of yourself” day

It’s the middle of the week. You cleaned bathrooms yesterday. You deserve some “me” time. So today, try and carve out 30 minutes (or longer if you can swing it) and do something for yourself. Read a book. Have lunch with a friend. Take a walk. Take a nap. Watch a movie. Watch your favorite TV show. Get a pedicure. Whatever it is that you enjoy. Often – especially women – we don’t take time for ourselves. We put everyone and everything ahead of us and we end up burned out, stressed out, and occasionally – according to my family – ornery and snippy. (I think they exaggerate. Ahem.) If you never take time to do something just for yourself, eventually you won’t be good for anyone. Start with 15-30 minutes one day a week. Aim for getting that every day. You will be glad you did. As will your family. Trust me.

Thursday – Vacuum, mop and dust day

Again, you know the drill. And again, it’s not fun. But dust bunnies procreate pretty darn quickly, so you have to get them before they have the chance. This is not one of my favorite things, either. I often try to convince my husband to do it due to my allergies. He’ll vacuum and mop, but if I left the dusting to him, it wouldn’t get done. Ever. Never ever. (He also doesn’t do dishes.) Mopping has been a bit pointless for the last few weeks due to all the rain. I mopped last week and a few minutes later I let two of our cats in. Little wet kitty footprints all over the floor. Followed shortly by wet people footprints. Sigh. The work is never done.

Friday – Touch up and pick up day

Fridays are for little touch ups and pick ups. Walk through the house picking up and returning things to their proper location – or at least the general vicinity. As in, give your teenager a basket that contains their stuff. Entering their room to replace their things can be risky. (I shudder when I go in the kids’ rooms!) If you’ve let mail pile up throughout the week, today’s the day to sort, shred and recycle. Turn on your favorite music and spend about 30 minutes (maybe less!) getting the straightening up done and out of the way. If you should happen to get some dancing in while you’re doing it, you’ve exercised as well. If they are old enough, hand your kids a basket of their own and put them to work gathering and returning their own stuff.

That’s it. Nothing too hard. And if you’ve done these things each day, you’re free to enjoy your weekend with no chores staring you in the face. How awesome is that?

Have a blessed week!



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