Where has the summer gone?

Holy cow! It’s July 30th!! Summer has flown by so far (and a lot of our summer floated by during our unexpected “monsoon” season) . I can’t believe that August is almost here. (And with that, I’ll have a 22-year-old on the 18th. Yikes! Holy cow times 22!) The kids start back to school on August 19th – just over three weeks away. Since there’s not much summer left, I think we should take the rest of this week to rest. Next week, we’ll start our “back to school” challenges to get us ready for the big day – whether it’s kindergarten, middle or high school, college, or you’re a teacher going back to work (even if you’re just going to have to get used to the added traffic that school adds to your daily commute) – the beginning of the school year presents challenges for everyone.

What do you think provides the biggest challenge during the school year? Mornings? Afternoons? Homework? Dinner? Scheduling? Housework? The ever-dreaded laundry? These are the things we will address starting next week and continuing through the month of August. Because the key to staying on track is to not start already behind, right?

So this week take some time to relax. Watch a movie. Read a book. If you’re crazy like me, you’ll train for a 5K. I thought last night’s training session was going to kill me. It didn’t, but boy, am I sore today!

Have a great day and a relaxing week! Do something fun and spontaneous!




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