I dare you!

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Email. Online news. Online books. The list goes on and on. Smart phones. Laptops. Tablets. And another list goes on and on. We are bombarded left and right, day in and day out with technical “junk” that, in my humble opinion, has made us dependent – hooked, if you will – on the electronics in our lives. As in, I could go into withdrawals if I don’t play Candy Crush at least twice a day. Or check Facebook on a regular basis. Maybe we should start a support group. “Hi. My name is Lynne. I’m addicted to Candy Crush.”

As I was perusing Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I came across a friend’s status wherein she stated that she and a friend we going to try to go one day a week tech-free. (Thank you, Shannon!) Tech. Free. Is it possible? Can we go a day without Facebook? A day without surfing the net? A day without – gasp! – playing Candy Crush?

I am challenging myself – and you, of course – to choose a day this week to go tech-free. And if you can’t go cold turkey, then try setting an amount of time that you’ll spend on the computer, playing games on your smart phone, etc. – whatever it is that eats up your time – and then do your best to limit your access to technology to that time only. (Note: This does not mean not responding to text messages from your children or answering the cell phone if your mom calls.)

I am going to try Saturday. No Facebook. No Candy Crush. No Words with Friends. And while I could go television-less any other time of the year, we all know that it’s time for college football. And, well, that means the TV must be on. From the first game to the last, my hubby will watch them all. He doesn’t even have to be a fan of the team. If the weather is nice, I’ll spend some time outside reading and just enjoying God’s creation. If it’s not, I’ll retreat to my room and read.

I must admit that I’m pretty excited about this challenge now that I’ve written about it. Who’s willing to take the challenge with me? If you are, email me and let me know. We can pray for one another to be strong! 🙂

So, let’s take some time away from technology this week. I bet we’ll feel more relaxed if we’re not attached to one of our devices for a time.

Come on. I dare you!



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