Happy Sunday! Tech-free day update – I did it!

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all are having and blessed and relaxed day! I just woke up from a wonderful – and quite long! – afternoon nap and my sweet hubby made me coffee. How awesome is that? We had an amazing worship service this morning and God took care of all the gaps left by volunteers on vacation in the kids’ area. What a great day!

So, yesterday was my tech-free day. Other than to check my church e-mails (just in case!) and to get online so that I could balance the checkbook (before said sweet hubby drove me crazy about it), I managed to stay off the phone and off the computer. No Candy Crush. No Facebook (except messaging a volunteer). No Words with Friends. Here’s what I did instead: read a 400-page book; cleaned out the fridge; browned ground beef for two meals this week; took a nap; picked and snapped the last of my green beans; made a tomato pie just because;  worked on a month-long menu plan; did laundry (hubby and son needed work clothes for tomorrow); made dinner; jogged 1 1/2 miles; went to bed early. And, of course, I watched some college football in  between. I’m thinking of being tech-free every Saturday. Maybe I should do it more often as I got an awful lot done without the distractions. We shall see. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day! I hope you have the day off tomorrow for Labor Day. I do. 🙂 Long nap today AND I can sleep in tomorrow if I want. Win!




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