My “Aha!” Moment

Hello everyone!

There was no blogging yesterday as a friend and I traveled to Athens, Georgia to visit another friend whose husband is in the hospital. He had a pretty bad dirt bike accident on Sunday afternoon and will be recovering for a while. Prayers for him (his name is Dean) and for Samantha and their children as he goes through the long recovery ahead are appreciated.

So today as I was sitting at my desk – trying really hard to keep my head OFF my desk – I had an “Aha!” moment. I have been tired lately. Feeling like I can’t keep up with everything around the house. And wondering why. Well, duh. Not only did I start a job that takes me away from home during the day, I also started a 5K training program that has been taking me away from home three nights a week. At the same time. I started both within a few days of each other. I don’t mind being gone for a few hours during the day. But I am not a fan of activities that take me away from home at night. And I’ve been doing it three nights a week for nine weeks. When I realized that today, I felt a lot better. No less tired, mind you, but better nonetheless. And then I realized that tonight is the last night of training. And I was like “Woo-hoo!” I realized that my life should go back to some semblance of normal next week. I’m so excited!

That might not sound like much to be excited about, but I am. I really, truly am. My mind is already working out a schedule that includes work hours and the stuff I do at home. And it won’t have to include three nights a week away from home. I can go back to exercising in the mornings. I feel like I might be able to get myself back on track. Y’all know I like a schedule. 🙂 I’m so ready to get back on one that doesn’t stress me out to look at it. Heavy sigh of relief.

So you can expect me to get back to blogging regularly – maybe not on the weekends, but I’m aiming for daily blogs again. I’ll share my new schedule with you when I have it done. I know you’re just giddy with excitement about that! (HA!) Just bear with me as I get my head back on straight and get myself back on track. I’ll get there. I know I will.

Thank you for putting up with my sporadic blogging over the last couple of months. And thank you for not abandoning me! 🙂

Have a GREAT week!



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