Tuesday Ramblings :)


How was your Tuesday? I had a productive day at work, so I’m hoping for a productive day at home tomorrow. 🙂

Last week, I dreamed about redecorating and rearranging most of my house. Might actually do that…starting tomorrow. I’ve been reading blogs and looking at pictures of how to do things frugally, some DIY projects, etc. So I’m going to start collecting those pictures and ideas (no, I don’t think I’ll be pinning anything…I’m trying to resist Pinterest still) and go from there. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Have you started on your happy list? Are you really thinking about it? I have been. I have a few things on there. I know the list will grow as the week progresses. Here are a few things from mine: Sunday afternoon naps. The first cup of coffee in the morning. Sheets fresh off the clothesline. Ahh….now I’m smiling.

Well, I’m off to read an old John Grisham novel before I read his newest one as they are both set in the same place.

Y’all have a good night!



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