Weekly Challenge: Let’s Get Creative!

Happy Monday, everyone!

What a beautiful day it was here today! I spent most of the afternoon in the back yard playing with my mom’s dog, watching the birds and butterflies fly and flit about, and enjoying a cup of coffee (or two or three!) sitting in the swing. Absolutely perfect weather!

So, last week’s challenge was to create a list of things that make you happy, bring you joy, make you smile. I hope you made your list! Because my challenge to you this week is to take the things from that list – or at least the top five – and make yourself some art. You can make a scrapbook page; you can paint things on a canvas. Make a collage, maybe even a 3-D one. Paint a canvas or choose a pretty paper and write the words out in fancy script. I just want you to make it beautiful and something that you can display.

I’m (hoping!) to create something on canvas that can hang in my kitchen coffee nook. (Y’all know coffee made my list!) I’m going to use my favorite beachy colors (the beach also made the list). I have some ideas in my head that I hope I can make happen. I promise that I will not take advantage of my daughter’s artistic talent and have her do it for me.

And…I want you to share the pictures of what you create! Please. Pretty please!

If you haven’t made your list, take a day or two and do that first. Then get to work on your creation. And be HAPPY while you’re doing it! That’s the point of this exercise, after all.

Have a blessed week!



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