Are we sure today wasn’t a Monday??

Good evening, everyone!

Hope you all had a great day, though it felt like a Monday all day to me. Visited a friend in the hospital today. The right hospital after visiting two other ones. We wondered why they looked at us funny when we asked about a room on the 9th floor. Probably because the hospital we were at only had FOUR floors! When we finally got to where we were going, we had a nice – if short – visit. Got to pray with our friend. Hoping she gets to come home tomorrow. Oh…and we totally had to wear gowns and gloves. We looked cool, I’m sure. 🙂

Got home and got started on some meal preparations following the instructions found here:

I did black beans and cannellini beans today. Planning to do kidney and pintos tomorrow. I got six packs of cannellinis and three of the black beans. I calculated that the cost was $0.25 per bag of cannellini beans and $0.50 for the bags of black beans. Definitely less than the canned beans. When they are completely cooled, I’ll store them stacked flat in my freezer. How convenient is that? And saves time when you need them. I plan to make this a habit.




I also did my grocery shopping today. I went a little over budget, but I bought some things that were on sale that I needed anyway. Since the larger sizes were on sale, I’ll use what I need this week and freeze or otherwise store the rest. I spent $156 today…$21 over budget. (Though I usually try to stay around $100). For four people eating three meals at home every day that’s $1.87 per meal. Not too shabby, especially since we eat pretty well. We had baked ravioli, salad, and crusty bread for dinner. Who can complain about that for $1.87 per person? Not me! I looked on a well-known Italian restaurant’s website. The ravioli there was $11.49 with salad and breadsticks. So $50+ or $8? I’ll take $8. And I didn’t have to drive anywhere and I have enough to feed my family again tomorrow.

I’m headed for bed now. Hope you all sleep tight and have sweet dreams!

~ Lynne



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