Happy Friday!

Good Friday morning!

Here another week has flown by. I hope it’s been a good one for you. I hope you’ve gotten some organizing done.

Today I’ll be tackling my refrigerator and freezer. Oh, if only everyone (I’m speaking of the men in the household) would put things back where they go in the fridge. It’s a never-ending battleground. (If you know my hubby, don’t tell him I said that. It’s more the boy child anyway.)

I got a mirror for my entryway at a yard sale last week. I’m trying to choose a paint color as it’s time to paint as well. Then a pretty fabric to make a cushion for the trunk I use for seating. Pictures to come. I’ll even let you see the “before” pics.

Have a great weekend! I’m sharing a couple of sunrise pics from my walk this morning!

Prayers and love,


P.S. Running a 5K tonight…pray for cooler weather! Or rain…I’d not cry if it got rained out until it’s cooler. 😉

sunrise 2 sept 12 

sunrise 3 sept 12

sunrise sept 12


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