Meal Planning, Day 2

Good afternoon! (Well, now it’s evening, but it was afternoon when I started.)

Sitting here having a cup of coffee and enjoying the lights on the Christmas tree. I guess we will take it down tomorrow so I guess I’ll enjoy it while I can. 🙂 I’m also working on my January menu plan since January is – gasp!! – the day after tomorrow!

I have downloaded a free printable calendar from That’s where I get the one I print out and put on the fridge. You can use any calendar you like. The first thing that I do is mark the dates that my hubby works days or nights and the days he’s off.

(Two hours later…took a break, took a run, back to blogging now.)

So I’m going to try and post what I have so far to the blog. I’m still waiting on input from the peanut gallery…I mean, family. 🙂 If they don’t speak up by tomorrow, the rest will be Mom’s Choice and they’ll have to deal.

Anyway, what I want you to do today (or tomorrow since I’m late here) is to choose four slow cooker meals (not soups or stews) that you can do for your slow cooker day. Not that your soups or stews can’t be for the slow cooker – I mean, what could be better? – but this is for slow cooker day. My definite slow cooker day is Sunday since it’s really my busiest day. And who doesn’t love walking in the door and being greeted by the delightful smell of dinner cooking. Sigh of happiness.

I’m going to try and post what I have so far to the blog. I’ve never done it the way I’m going to try so we’ll see if it works. If not, I’ll post a pic (a somewhat grainy pic).

Y’all have a great night!



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