Menu Planning, Day 3 – the “final” plan for January


Hope you had a safe & happy New Year’s Day!

I stuck to my first resolution: to walk/run at least four miles a day. I actually got five miles in. The last mile was just walking. šŸ™‚

I did finally finish my menu plan. I changed Tuesday’s them to “Tried and True” – recipes that I know we like and that are relatively quick and easy. There are always veggies at dinner; if they’re not listed, what we have will be determined by what’s on hand on that day. Tonight is homemade pizza night…we’ll have red sauce and Alfredo sauce, beef, grilled chicken, mushrooms and cheese as topping options.

Themes for the month: Slow Cooker Sunday, Mexican Monday, Tried & True Tuesday, “What’s Your Pick?” Wednesdays (each family member gets to choose one week), Throwback Thursday (leftovers), Fun Friday (pizza or pasta), Soup/Stew Saturday.

1 – Baked Ham, Blackeyed Peas, Rice, Mustard Greens (southern tradition)
2 – Homemade Pizzas
3 – Chili, Cornbread
4 – Roast, Carrots & Potatoes, Biscuits & Gravy
5 – Southwest Chicken, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans
6 – Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole, Roasted Carrots, Green Beans
7 – Beef Stroganoff, Rice or Noodles, Corn
8 – Leftovers
9 – Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread
10 – White Bean, Kale & Carrot Soup, Corn Muffins
11 – Slow Cooker Glazed Pork Loin, Mashed Potatoes, Peas
12 – Quinoa with Black Beans & Corn, Salad
13 – Cubed Steak, Rice & Gravy, Skillet Corn
14 – Springtime Spaghetti, Salad or other veggie
15 – Leftovers
16 – Homemade Pizzas
17 – Chicken Noodle Soup, Salad, Bread
18 – French Dip Sandwiches, Crash Hot Potatoes
19 – Quesadillas, Salad or roasted veggies
20 – Chicken Salad, Homemade Bread, Chips (try homemade)
21 – Jordan’s Pick (I don’t know yet) šŸ™‚
22- Leftovers
23 – Lasagna, Salad, Yeast Rolls
24 – Baked Potato Soup, Salad
25 – Slow Cooker Pork Chops, Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Green Beans
26 – Tacos, Refried Beans, Chips & Salsa & Cheese Dip
27 – Chow Mein Casserole, Salad, Roasted Veggies
28 – Alice Springs Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, Salad
29 – Leftovers
30 – Homemade Pizzas
31 – My Nanny’s Beef & Veggie Stew, Cornbread

We (I) are trying to eat whole foods. These are all “made from scratch” recipes for the most part. I have mastered homemade pasta, but maybe I’ll get there. I do make my tortillas and plan to buy a tortilla press ASAP because rolling them out is a pain. Doable, but a pain. šŸ™‚

If you’d like any recipes, let me know.

Have a GREAT day!



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