Kitchen Organization, Part 1

10906422_10205344668916854_8138449907744288352_n First lap….

10898018_10205344673596971_5361767354139294017_n…2nd lap

 Hi, everyone!

I hope you had a great Monday! It was such a beautiful day here, and the sunrise was absolutely spectacular this morning. God was really showing His creative, artistic side. 🙂 I, for one, really appreciated it. That’s one of the perks of getting up to get your exercise in early.

So, last week I shared with you how I do my menu planning. Have any of you tried your hand at it this week? If you’re new to meed on sales or what’s in your pantry and freezer, or you can plan a month. The point is to have a plan…it makes evenings so much easier when you don’t have to come home wondering what you’ll be putting on the table. (I’ll continue to address menu planning in the coming weeks and will be sharing my menus and recipes as we go along.)

Now…let’s move on to kitchen organization. Today is easy – no physical labor required. 🙂 What I want you to do today (or tonight, I guess) is to simply walk into your kitchen and look around. Think about the following questions:

  • Do I have a designated prep space?
  • Are my pots and pans and cooking utensils near the stove?
  • Are like items in the same location (baking products, coffee stuff, etc.)?
  • Is the organization in my kitchen meeting my needs?

So, I just want to take a few minutes to look around your kitchen and determine whether or not it’s working for you. If it is, then you can just sit back and relax this week. 🙂 If not, start thinking about what you can do to make it more functional. Functionality is key in kitchen organization. Key, I tell you. The fewersteps you have to take when prepping dinner (or any other meal) saves you time, right? And savingtime is good.

I spent time over the last week reorganizing my kitchen cabinets and pantry. I got some new stuff for Christmas that I needed to make room for. So I got rid of some stuff instead of overcrowding the cabinets. I’ll post some pics tomorrow. Right now, you just need to run to the kitchen and see where you might want to start making changes. 🙂

Have a great evening!






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