Kitchen Organization, Part 3 (finally!)

Kitchen Organization, Day 3

(and Take 2, because I typed the post and then it disappeared!)

So I’m finally here to talk more about kitchen organization. Sorry it took so long. I really did have intentions to do it Monday and Wednesday. Life gets in the way. And headaches…they get in the way.

Back to the kitchen. I don’t have a large kitchen. I’d love to have a large kitchen, but I have a smallish, galley-style kitchen. No island. I try not to covet others’ kitchen islands. If I could make any room in my house bigger, it would be the kitchen. Alas, it is not to be. So I try and make the most of what I’ve got.

Today I’m going to share pictures of my baking area. This is what I have:

1. A drawer with spices in the tins you buy them in. They are in alphabetical order (not because I’m OCD) so that they are easy to find. I also have six small Mason jars with spices that I use often and buy in bulk quantities. I keep a small amount here for easy access. The large containers are stored in pantry.

2. The other drawer on this side of the stove has foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap and baking items – cookie scoops, rolling pin, biscuits cutters, etc.

3. The cabinet above contains measuring cups, other baking products (baking soda, coconut oil, shortening, etc.)

I also have a shelf that I picked up at a yard sale with a few spice jars on them just to be pretty. smile emoticon These are next to my cookbooks and a utensil holder. All of this is to the left of my stove. It’s not a prep area. That’s on the other side of the stove.

I hope these tips and pics help you when you consider the functionality of your kitchen. You want to make the most of your time and space.IMG_9014 IMG_9016 IMG_9017 IMG_9019 IMG_9023

Please let me know if you have any questions. smile emoticon



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