Front Porch Makeover…finally!

Happy Saturday!

Well, it’s not nearly as warm today as it was yesterday, but I was motivated so I FINALLY got around to working on my front porch. I painted the area around the front door and the tops of the porch rails. (My physical therapist would frown upon me painting it all. Right, Karen?)

I spent less than $100 on paint and supplies, flowers, artificial flowers, table accessories, and a new flag, The bistro set got moved from the back deck. The “rug” was in the donate box. I reused the metal basket to make the wall hanging, and a Mason jar for the flowers on the table. I also fixed my fountain pump. 🙂

The flower bed in front of this porch is full of perennials. I can’t wait to see them in bloom and to bring out the houseplants that fill in the gaps during the summer. Oh…and hang some ferns. This is where I sit to drink coffee and read when it’s warm. I was very tempted to sit and have coffee there this afternoon but it was just too chilly.

The porch floor still needs to be painted as do the spindles. It was too cold for the porch (it’s cement) and my daughter will do the rails. So she says. 🙂

Anyway, I feel very productive. Baked potato soup is on the menu for tonight so I’ve got to get those potatoes baking.

Stay warm, people. Stay warm.






Before (beige)

Before (beige)

..after (white)

..after (white)

DSC_0149 DSC_0148


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