Weekly Challenge: Kitchen Clean-up

Good Monday morning!

It’s weekly challenge time and we are in the kitchen. This week, it’s one small challenge each day. Easy peasy. These should take 15 minutes or less (definitely less than 30 minutes). You can do these challenges any time during the day. Whenever you can find those 15 minutes. Set your timer and get to work. Here are the challenges for this week. You may need to keep a “donate” or “yard sale” box handy.

Monday: Clean out your “junk” drawer. The junk drawer really needs a better name. If you just have junk in your junk drawer, toss it. And if your junk drawer isn’t in the kitchen, clean it out anyway.

Tuesday: Look through your kitchen utensils. Do you have ten spatulas? Weird utensils that you don’t even know the purpose of? Anything you don’t use on a regular basis – or have never used – gets tossed into the donate/yard sale box.

Wednesday: Clean out your silverware drawer. Take everything out. Vacuum and wipe out the drawer. Wash and dry your utensil sorter if you have one. Put everything back nice and neat.

Thursday: Look through your kitchen appliances. Anything you don’t use? Like…ever? Add it to your donate/yard sale box. (Side Note: My Cuisanart Griddler is going away. I detest that thing!) If you never, ever use your Belgian waffle maker that takes up half of a cabinet you could use for storing something you DO use, let it go.

Friday: Clean your cabinet fronts and knobs. I use Murphy’s Oil to clean the fronts of my cabinet doors and drawers. Then I use disinfecting wipes to wipe down all cabinet knobs, appliance handles (dishwasher, oven, stove top, fridge).

Done! Next week, we’ll do a little more in the kitchen. Little by little, bit by bit.

Have a GREAT week!



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