This Week’s Menu Plan

Okay…working on dinner menu plans for the month of August. Yes…August. As in, tomorrow is August 1. I’m going back to my themed nights because it’s just easier for me. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

– Slow Cooker Sundays – work day for me
– Manic Mondays (casserole or something super simple) – work day for me
– Taco Tuesday (Mexican of some sort)
– “What’s New?” Wednesdays (trying new recipes)
– Throwback Thursday (Leftovers)
– Fab Fridays (Homemade Pizza or Chicken Strips)
– Soup and/or Sandwich Saturdays

Here’s my menu plan for this week.

Sunday – Slow Cooker Bacon Ranch Chicken & Pasta; Side Salad

Monday – Homemade Chicken Salad (sandwiches or w/crackers); Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey Vanilla Yogurt

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Flank Steak Fajitas; Homemade Refried Beans; Homemade Mexican Rice

Wednesday – Almond Crusted Pork Tenderloin (new recipe); Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes; Roasted Carrots

Thursday –  Leftovers (YAY!)

Friday –  Top Your Own Homemade Pizza; Homemade Ice Cream/Sundaes

Saturday – Baked Potato Soup; Homemade French Baguettes

I’ve got most of the rest of August planned out. Gotta “flesh” it out with sides and such. And I need to do a pantry and freezer inventory to see what I have on hand that I need to get through.

Planning took about an hour (maybe 1 1/2 hours because I kept getting interrupted…surely that never happens to you!) 🙂 This week’s menu is mostly based on what meats I have already. I’ll have to buy some fresh fruit, salad stuff, Russet potatoes, and the flank steak for Tuesday. I think that’s all. Oh, and heavy cream for the homemade ice cream. YUM! Must not forget that. It’s probably the most important menu item of the week!

Any of the recipes listed as “homemade” are relatively simple and very tasty. The last time I made Mexican, I served canned refried beans. Hubby was disappointed. He really likes those homemade ones.

Also keep in mind that I feed 4-6 adults dinner AND that we eat leftovers for lunches. Anything still hanging out in the fridge on Thursday night becomes part of the “Leftover Buffet.” They can just pretend they’re at Golden Corral and mix it all up if they want. Anything that makes it to Monday gets tossed.

When you have leftovers in your fridge, it helps to have a designated spot for them. And – if you think of it (I don’t always) – label them with the date prepared. Keeping masking tape and a Sharpie handy helps with this. (Note to self: Get more masking tape.)

Now…on to the planning of the week ahead. The hardest part is done! 🙂



Dinner was served! And what’s being served tonight…

Hey, all!

So last night was my Bible study night. I was actually out the door before Hubby got home from work. We missed each other by minutes.However, he did not starve! He walked in to the smell of homemade spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove and homemade Italian flatbread w/Parmesan fresh from the oven. (I assume he did as that is what it smelled like when I walk out a few minutes before. Here are the recipes. Alas, no one else thinks taking pictures of your food is normal. 🙂

Today is errand day. Cat to vet. Grocery store. Library. It’s also bathroom cleaning day…yay. My least favorite chore! Since I’ll be in and out for a good part of the day, it’s also a great day to use the Crock Pot. Here’s what’s going in around lunch time. (I will be halving he recipe as this makes a HUGE amount of food. HUGE.) Delicious recipe from

Y’all have a productive Tuesday!


Household Chore Schedule

My Weekly Chore “Schedule”

* Mondays – Laundry (plus work); empty trash for Tuesday pickup; clear out fridge and toss old leftovers

* Tuesdays – Laundry; bathrooms; sweep or vacuum downstairs

* Wednesdays – Laundry; kitchen;

* Thursdays – Laundry; bedroom; dust downstairs

* Friday – Laundry; sweep or vacuum downstairs; mop

EVERY DAY: Make bed; tidy up before bedtime (quick walk through the downstairs area – don’t want to trip over something before I make it to the coffee pot in the morning!)

About once a month, I do a deep cleaning of each room. Or deeper than the weekly cleaning.

Here’s my laundry schedule:

* Monday – Whites

* Tuesday – Towels

* Wednesday – Darks (jeans, etc.)

* Thursday – Lights/delicates

* Friday – sheets

To be honest, though, I didn’t get to the bathrooms today and might not tomorrow. It will be okay. But this is what works for me. Everyone is different. I just like not doing it all in one day…and especially not on a Saturday!

Dinner is served!

Dinner is served!

The recipe turned out great with the pork loin instead of pork chops. Strained the cooking juices and made gravy.

Green beans were requested so no roasted veggies. Since I wasn’t using the oven, no biscuits. (It’s hot enough in the kitchen without heating the oven to 425 degrees!)

Mashed sweet potatoes and leftover corn finished out my meal. The menfolk had the meat and gravy over rice.

Pork Recipe:

Sweet Potatoes Recipe:

Pork loin

Taco Night 

   Taco seasoning ingredients

 Hubby wants you to think he cooks his own dinner…ha!
   Freshly grated cheddar…because we were out of Colby Jack 😦

 My favorite Pampered Chef tool

   All ready…

Not a great picture…but it tasted good. 🙂 

Schedules Are Freeing…Truth!

MONDAYS! (insert teary face here)

Alarm clocks. Grr. Early appointments. Grr. However, this could apply to any day, not just Monday. As I try to get back “into the groove” where I’m managing my days and they aren’t managing me, I’m back to setting an earlier alarm. I’m also trying my best to put the book away and turn the lamp off no later than 10:00. That’s really hard for me…but, I’m trying.

Normally, I work go in to work on Monday mornings. However, I had some figs that needed to be turned into fig preserves, so I worked this afternoon instead. This is flexibility. Everything still got done, just not in the usual order. 🙂

Here’s my typical week day plan. I’m putting it IN WRITING so that maybe it will stick. Maybe it’s age, but I’ve not been doing this and I’ve been out of sorts. And maybe not very nice. To people. In my house. Sometimes.

5:45 – Rise and try to shine; make bed; have coffee – begin to show a little glimmer of shine

6:00 – 6:30 – Bible study/quiet time (and more coffee)

6:30 – Laundry into washer; go for walk or run (very shiny now!)

7:30 – Laundry onto clothesline or into dryer; shower (much needed at this point!)

8:00 – Breakfast/lay out dinner or put in crock pot

9:00 – Work (Mondays in the office; Tuesday – Thursday – from home)/blog

I try to get as much done by 2:00 as possible. I’m really not much good to anyone after that. That’s when I usually sit down and have my coffee and read for a bit.

Monday nights are for Bible study with my girlfriends.

Tuesday – Friday, I will go to the gym, meet with my personal trainer twice a week, do my work from home, work on my blog (here’s where I’ve been a slacker!), menu plan and grocery shop, and have household chores for each day. This get spread throughout the week so they don’t have to be done on the weekend.

While I try to squeeze in a little quiet/rest time every afternoon,
Saturday is my real day of rest. Since I work on Sundays and have HOME group (small group) in the afternoon, it’s not a very restful day.

All of this is not to say that I have it all together. I just know that I function better with a general plan for how my day will go. I’m flexible. I’m available if someone needs me or just wants to share that afternoon coffee.

I started the early morning rising when the kids were young and we were homeschooling. Early morning was the only time I could squeeze in for myself. When I can be outside during that time, it’s all the better.

Crazy days still happen. They’ll always happen. If you never have a crazy day, raise your hand. (Are your pants on fire??) Just like God gives us boundaries in which we can live freely and blessed, setting boundaries for yourself lets you do that in your day-to-day life.

So it’s now 5:00 and I’ve done this post. I’m off to make dinner and then head to Bible study. I started a new book today, but I’ll try and have “lights out” by 10:00!

Y’all have a great week!


P.S. Sharing the household chore schedule tomorrow. 🙂 I’m sure you’re excited!