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If you have been following this blog for a while, you may recognize much that is in this post. I tweaked it a little, but mostly I just left it alone. Why reinvent the wheel, right? Anyway, laundry is one of those things that has a way of overwhelming lots of people.

So we’re just going to jump right in BEFORE THE NEW YEAR and start paving the way to an organized, well-run household. Having talked to many women over the past few years about what household chore most often overwhelms them, I have learned that laundry is a problem for everybody. Like…everybody. For real. So let’s start with the big problem and get it out of the way right now.

In fact, there are people whose laundry pile could be measured and it would be taller than they are. They could get lost in the laundry pile and not be found for days. Did you know that there are people who don’t do their laundry for weeks at a time??? That spend entire weekends “catching up” with the laundry monster and not enjoying their days off? Well, I am here to help you not only catch up with him (the laundry monster has to be male, after all), but to kick his rear end to the curb. You will not miss him! At all. And, please, for your sanity and the safety of those around you, do NOT let him back in!

Now, I have had a laundry schedule for many years. When I was working full-time and then homeschooling fuller-time, I did one type (not necessarily one load) of laundry each day. It was whites  on Mondays; towels  and underwear on Tuesdays; darks (jeans, t-shirts, sweats) on Wednesday, delicates (generally, things that don’t go in the dryer) on Thursday, and sheets on Friday. I also usually do another load dark clothes sometime during the week because my husband and both kids have work clothes that their coworkers probably appreciate being washed periodically. Just saying that their work clothes tend to be a little stinky.  I tried doing laundry only twice a week, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather do my one type a day thing. It is just what works best for me.

NOTE: I do everyone’s laundry in my house. My kids are certainly old enough to do theirs and they do know how. If not, there are instructions printed and laminated and taped on top of the washer. In case I am unable to fulfill my task as Laundry Goddess, someone else can do it. I don’t do all the laundry because I’m oh so nice, but because I don’t want to run the washer and dryer for small loads if everyone does their own. I also use a clothesline instead of dryer whenever weather permits. I know people who’d rather have their kids do their own laundry and that is perfectly fine. Just stick to a schedule of some sort. (NOTE: If I do not “receive” your laundry in time for it to go in the wash with mine, you on your own. Suck it up, Buttercup, and do it yourself.) See…not all that nice about it. 🙂

Last January, I spent a week NOT doing laundry –  I “took one for the team,” so to speak. Then on a  Saturday, I dumped my hamper into the middle of my bedroom floor. I had both my kids dump their hampers onto the pile. Oh. My. Goodness. The pile was HUGE! And there are only four of us in this house. I can’t imagine if there were more. It overwhelmed me and I was only doing it for the experiment. So that I could help you. You’re welcome. :)

So. I looked at this laundry pile. I took pictures of it. I stood in awe (and fear) of it. I came face to face with the Laundry Monster – and it wasn’t pretty.  I said, “Oh, no. I don’t think so. You’re going down!” But it was completely overwhelming. I can only imagine how you feel if you face that every single Saturday. Or any other day.

If this is you…if the Laundry Monster lives in your house…please serve him his eviction notice. He can (and should) be out by this coming Saturday. If you are not on a schedule for your laundry and there is a huge pile of it just waiting on you, let me show you how to show him the door. (If you are on a laundry schedule, God bless you and keep up the good work!)

There are several ways to conquer your laundry pile, but the first step for any of them is to put all your laundry in one place…one pile. One big giant – possibly stinky – pile. Gather the laundry from wherever it may be in your house and bring it all together in one place. Everyone throw it all on there. Then look at it. How do you feel? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Anxious? Don’t be. Like everything else we’ll do in the coming weeks, we’ll take it one step at a time. I know you’ll see it and want to get the whole thing out of the way. Today. But then you’ll be so tired that you won’t be good for anything else. The key here is to establish a workable schedule and then stick to it. If not, the Laundry Monster will move back in when you aren’t looking. He’s very, very sneaky. And quick!

Here’s what I want you to do. Trust me on this one. It really will work.

Monday: Put all your laundry in the pile in a place where it can hang out for the week. Take a picture of it. We will not judge. We’ll just applaud your awesomeness at the end of the week when there is no pile. Then sort the laundry into smaller piles – however your mama taught you to sort. We all have things we wash together and things we don’t; my sorting may not be the same as yours. Then pick a pile, any pile. Start with the smallest pile so you can get through today and feel a sense of accomplishment. (Unless there’s a pile you NEED. Then do that pile.)  Take that pile, walk to the washer and get to washing. You may have more than one load from your pile but only wash one pile per day. Yes, that’s right. One pile per day. Ignore the other piles. Step around them if you must. You are going to wash, dry, fold and put away one pile today. That’s why I suggested the smallest one.

Tuesday – Friday (or Saturday) – Wash, dry, fold and put away another pile. One pile per day. You may want to document your diminishing piles with photos. And share them with us at the end of the week. Please. I, for one,  love before and after pictures. Love.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you are not home during the day, you can start a load of laundry before you leave for the day and finish it after you return (don’t do this if there are things that will fade on to other things), or you can run the washer at night and throw the load in the dryer (or on the line) first thing in the morning and let it dry while you are getting ready to head out. Do NOT leave your dryer going if no one is going to be home. The goal is to completely finish one pile per day. Any “new’ dirty laundry goes to the hamper if you’ve already washed the pile it would go in. (On? Whatever.)

When the last pile is gone, take a picture of the spot where it all started. Wow! Don’t you feel a great sense of accomplishment? Do you feel the urge to sing the “Hallelujah Chorus”? Go right ahead. I’ll be happy to sing along with you.

The other thing you must do it to take take pen and paper in hand. On the top of the paper write “Laundry Schedule.” Write down what type/load of laundry you are going to do on each day. Post it where you can see it. (You can even get all fancy and type up a laundry schedule.) Then – and here’s the kicker – do what it says. It will do you no good if you don’t stick with it. But if you do, you will not have a giant pile of laundry waiting for you on Saturday mornings. So you can sleep in without feeling guilty! Post your “before” picture from this week beside it. That should keep you motivated! You don’t want to go there again.

At our house, there is a laundry hamper in each bedroom. Also, I have a small laundry basket for everyone in the house. When the kids were younger, when the  laundry was done and folded, I handed each family member his or her basket and had them put their laundry away. Then they could put whatever is needed for the next day’s laundry in the basket and return it to the laundry room (or laundry closet, if you’re like me). This worked well then.

Now, my children are 24 and nearly 22 (I understand that they’ll never leave if I continue feeding them, but I haven’t had the heart to stop yet)…they don’t always return the baskets that the clean clothes were in. (I don’t even know where they are.) I now text them what I need (whites, darks, towels, etc.) and they bring them down. If they don’t – and my son is prone to NOT doing it – it doesn’t get done by me. Then he does his own laundry. Which isn’t a bad thing for me as he apparently has more clothes than the rest of us combined and wears every single thing he owns every single week. Weird. Folded clothes are left on the stairs or the chair by the stairs to be taken upstairs by the owner of said clothes.

NOTE: I know a lot of you think it’s crazy that I do everyone’s laundry. But I figure, they have a lifetime to do it and I’m doing mine anyway so it’s not a big deal. And maybe one day, they’ll do mine. Bwahaha! Besides, there’s that whole extra water and electricity usage that I just can’t think about.

At the end of the week when your giant pile of laundry is gone, sit down, have a cup of coffee, take a nice hot bath – or both – and relax for a bit. Then – and here’s the kicker – on Monday, you must do the load/type of laundry that you wrote on your laundry schedule. And again on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You don’t have to do a load every day. If your family is small, you might want to do three days a week. Figure out what works for you and your family, your schedule, etc. But please don’t do it all on Saturday. That’s a day to relax. And really, it takes a few minutes to throw a load in the wash. A couple of minutes to throw it in the dryer. A few minutes longer if you use a clothesline. But it’s not like you have to blow dry each item yourself. It takes longer to fold and put away laundry than anything else, but still less than 30 minutes. And then it’s done. Done. I’d rather spend 30-45 minutes a day on laundry than hours on Saturday (or any other day, for that matter). Wouldn’t you? Plus, it’s not 45 minutes straight. It naturally divides itself up into smaller tasks. Laundry is doing you a favor, folks.

You will be amazed at how great you feel with a schedule or routine. Amazed. I promise. And that’s just the laundry.  Who knew having your laundry under control could feel so good? I did! Ha! 🙂 Now…get to washing and have a great day!





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