Focus on your accomplishments, not your failures. Count your blessings. Celebrate the life you’ve been given. John Maxwell

Today I want you to focus on your accomplishments. We need to every so often stop and reflect on your accomplishments. Look around your house. What are you not tripping over? Laundry maybe? How does it feel to not be stressed every evening racking your brain about what you will fix your family for dinner. Does it feel good to wake up and dishes are done? Celebrate those accomplishments! If you have a Lynne personality; you will go sit on the porch and celebrate with a cup of coffee. If you are a Teresa personality; you will grab a hand full of chocolate and celebrate sitting on the front porch. Well, that is if it is warm enough. Here in South Carolina, one day it is eighty degrees, the next day it is fifty – eight degrees! So it is a possibility! The point is find somewhere today that you can get alone and focus on what you have accomplished so far! You deserve it!
Here is what I do not want you to do! You are not to look at what you haven’t done yet. The recipe you tried that did not work out so good. Let it go! Think only on the things that are working well! This is the day to forget what you haven’t done yet. What hasn’t worked out. Only look at your accomplishments!
Take a minute to write out at least ten blessings in your life right now. Here are mine.
1. I have a God who loves me unconditionally.
2. I have friends who are willing to tell me when I need to work on something in my life and who are also there to walk me through the hard times in my life.
3. I have friends who laugh with me and cry with me.
4. I have a group of old and new friends on Simplify 2013 who encourage me every day to keep my life in balance.
5. I have a husband who loves me unconditionally. Who supports me!
6. I have three children who are now grown and we have unbelievable relationships.
7. I have a great job!
8. The sun is shining today! (Little bit more about me, I don’t like the cold!)
9. I have an awesome church!
10. I have a new book on my Kindle. (I love to read!)
I want you to celebrate the life you are given today! I hope you will take a minute to let us celebrate with you and put a few of your blessings on the Simplify 2013 facebook page or tweet them with #Simplify2013. Off to celebrate my day! ~ Teresa