Happy Monday, Y’all!

Hey, everyone!

Hope you all are having a great summer so far! It’s H-O-T here…geez! My morning walk/run keeps getting earlier and earlier trying to beat the heat. So far, that has not been accomplished. The run/walk gets done but the heat is there. Boy, oh boy. When we finish, I’m just a hot, sweaty mess. (But I’m out there!)

Last week was my birthday so to celebrate, my buddy Kathryn and I zip lined over the river at the zoo. Through the woods and over the river instead of over the river and through the woods. By the way, it was hot. In case you were wondering. It was so much fun! And I did catch a slightly cool breeze while zooming over the river. Slightly. But since you’re traveling about 30 mph, it was short-lived. I was afraid that I’d be afraid, but I wasn’t. It was just exciting.

Getting "suited up"

Getting “suited up” (not the most flattering outfit)


Being goofy in the tree tops


Just over the river


Mission accomplished!


So I have a challenge for you this week – and it’s one I need myself. It seems we come back to this one pretty regularly. Those pesky drawers (no, not talking about your undies). I’m talking kitchen drawers, desk drawers, dresser drawers. Somehow (when we’re not looking) someone messes up those drawers that it seems like we just straightened out and decluttered. My challenge is this: spend 15 minutes every day this week clearing out and decluttering a drawer. I’m wondering if we shouldn’t just do this every day until – well, forever – and work our way through the drawers in the house over and over. By the time we get to the last one, we can go back to the first one and start again. 🙂 I’m going to start with the dreaded “junk” drawer in the kitchen. As always. I don’t know where the junk comes from, but it works its way in there every time. I throw stuff out and new stuff makes its way in. (Insert heavy sigh here. Or a huff. Or a groan.)

I’m going to get to the drawer right now. Y’all have a great night!


P.S. I hope you’re keeping up with your daily happy pics. I’ve been posting mine on the Facebook page, but I’m keeping them saved on my computer so I can make a collage or scrapbook page or two when the month is over. And I think I’ll just keep on with the project. It’s been a good thing to take a moment every day to find something that makes me happy and makes me smile. I’d love to see your pics if you’ve been doing the Happiness Project.


Happiness Pics Continue

Hi, all!

I’ve still been taking a picture every day of something that made me smile that day. I’ve been posting them on the Facebook page but I seem to have forgotten to post them here. Oops! 🙂

Lynne 🙂



Veggies picked today: lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, red potatoes, rutabagas, and cauliflower 🙂




I ❤ clouds!

(Finally!) The June “Happiness” Challenge

Okay, folks!

Here I am FINALLY getting around to doing this blog for the June challenge. Since it’s supposed to be a month-long challenge, let’s start tomorrow, June 3 and go through July 4th. Okay?

So here’s the challenge: Take time every day to recognize something that makes you happy or brings you joy, something or someone that puts a smile on your face AND (this is important!) take a picture AND (this is VERY important) share it with the rest of us!

How do you get the picture to me? Well…you have a few options.

Send it to me via email: lynneandteresa@yahoo.com


Post it on Twitter and tag us: @Simplify_2013


Post it on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Simplify2013

So, why is this a challenge? Because so often (too, too often), we go through our days moving from activity to activity, moment to moment, living in a frenzy. We don’t stop and look around us at our blessings. We take them for granted and give them no attention. And so, at the end of the day, we have missed out on happy, joyful moments that God sent our way. And we’re just tired. And grumpy.

It’s important for each of us to appreciate the joy and happiness of everyday life. So thus, the challenge. And even though we’re starting tomorrow, here’s a picture from yesterday that brought me joy: seeing little ones worshiping at church.




How sweet and heartwarming is that?

So grab your phone, your camera, your tablet…whatever. And start paying attention. Bring those pictures on! Let’s be some joyful, happy people! 🙂