More Redoing

So…finally getting the bathroom finished was motivating. So, two gallons of paint later and no purchases (other than six plate hangers), the hall and dining room are done, too. Next up is the living room. Tomorrow will be fun.  

  Yard sale find…and hubby’s stuff

 Cotton field at sunrise and sunset (photo credits to my daughter)

  All yard sale finds

 Given to me = free 🙂

 Plates collected at yard sales over time

  More yard sale finds and treasures given to me by treasured ones

 Yard sales again…

 Looking into entry hall…all pics given to me or purchased at yard sales 


Sweet Summertime

Sweet summer time…lemonade and sweet tea, days without schedules, afternoon thunder showers, the smell of freshly cut grass. And fresh veggies!

I picked peas yesterday. And a couple of green tomatoes to fry up.

Put up ten quarts of Silver Queen corn today. Going to use the strawberries I got a few weeks ago and froze to make jam. Hoping to go blueberry picking and put some of those in the freezer as well.

When I was shelling peas yesterday, I expected to here the music from

“The Young and the Restless” playing as we often shelled peas or snapped beans while my Nanny’s stories were on.

Next up…canning green beans if I can get enough of them. 
Now I can hardly wait for my first taste of an icy cold watermelon. Not those ones in the grocery store in December. I’m talking about the ones you buy from a man out of the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road. I can taste it now.
What takes you back to summers when you were a kid? Is it a smell? A taste? An activity? Share if you will.


Monday, Monday

Good Monday morning!

I hope your week is off to a great start! What’s on your agenda today? I have on my list: exercise, Bible study, work, and a Meatless Monday dinner.

I’m still menu planning (tonight is the last one I have planned) and I need to fit that in some time today if we’re going to eat the rest of this week! 😉

I’m also going to work on my first “home beautification” project. I’ll start on it tomorrow. But I’ll share a “before” picture later today.

Y’all have a great day! It’s exercisr time for me.


Happy Sunday!

Good morning!

As I drank my coffee this morning, I did my early morning devotional. This is what I learned.

God is beautiful. He created beauty: beaches, mountains, sunrises, sunsets, clouds…all of it. He is beauty and he created beauty for us to enjoy.

He also created each of us to be creative in some way – to be beautifiers. God is also a God of order. So when we created beautiful, organized, peaceful sanctuaries in our homes, it is God-honoring if it’s not done in a prideful way. Our home and our lives should point to God, not to self.

This really spoke to my little organizing heart. When I beautify my home, I do it so that it’s a place to come home to and feel comfort and love. When I organize, I do it so that there’s less stress and frustration – and thus, more joy.

I just wanted to share that with all of you. Maybe it will speak to you as well as we spend time “together” organizing and beautifying our homes.

I pray that you have a joy-filled, peaceful and relaxing day.



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We finished out 2014 by dismantling Christmas and cleaning out our storage building and outdoor storage closet. What fun! (But it’s organized and done, so I’m happy. Tired…but happy.

I doubt I will make it to midnight. Hubby’s already out. 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow to work on the menu planning series. I’ve been contemplating slow cooker recipes today. There are so many good ones!

Y’all be safe! Don’t drink and drive! Phone a friend if you have to!

See you in 2015!


Happy Friday!

Good Friday morning!

Here another week has flown by. I hope it’s been a good one for you. I hope you’ve gotten some organizing done.

Today I’ll be tackling my refrigerator and freezer. Oh, if only everyone (I’m speaking of the men in the household) would put things back where they go in the fridge. It’s a never-ending battleground. (If you know my hubby, don’t tell him I said that. It’s more the boy child anyway.)

I got a mirror for my entryway at a yard sale last week. I’m trying to choose a paint color as it’s time to paint as well. Then a pretty fabric to make a cushion for the trunk I use for seating. Pictures to come. I’ll even let you see the “before” pics.

Have a great weekend! I’m sharing a couple of sunrise pics from my walk this morning!

Prayers and love,


P.S. Running a 5K tonight…pray for cooler weather! Or rain…I’d not cry if it got rained out until it’s cooler. 😉

sunrise 2 sept 12 

sunrise 3 sept 12

sunrise sept 12