Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We finished out 2014 by dismantling Christmas and cleaning out our storage building and outdoor storage closet. What fun! (But it’s organized and done, so I’m happy. Tired…but happy.

I doubt I will make it to midnight. Hubby’s already out. 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow to work on the menu planning series. I’ve been contemplating slow cooker recipes today. There are so many good ones!

Y’all be safe! Don’t drink and drive! Phone a friend if you have to!

See you in 2015!



Good Friday!

Good morning on Good Friday!

It’s a beautiful but still chilly morning here in Aiken. But the azaleas are blooming and the sun is shining! God is showing us spring even if it doesn’t feel like it. 🙂

So what are your plans for Easter? Do you have special ways that you celebrate the holiday? We will be going to the early service at our church, and then I am looking forward to a nice lunch out at my parents’ house. (Maybe I’ll be able to convince someone to take a walk with me afterward.) I’ll probably sit on the porch and have coffee with my mom and watch and listen to the birds. They have so many and they are very entertaining. It’s so quiet and peaceful at their place. It’s a great place to admire and appreciate God’s handiwork.

Just remember. Easter isn’t about bunnies, candy, and new dresses. All of those are nice, but they aren’t the reason we celebrate. As at Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season. At Christmas we celebrate His birth; at Easter we celebrate his resurrection. Don’t leave Him out of your holiday. He didn’t forget about you so don’t forget about Him. Take some time and count your blessings. Thank Him for the sacrifice He made for you – the ultimate blessing!

Love & blessings,



“Christianity begins where religion endswith the resurrection.”
~Herbert Booth Smith

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

NOTE: Teresa is going to be doing a series of posts on expressing love to your spouse, children, etc. soon, so I’m not going to go into that today.

Today is the day that is set aside for us to express our love to our spouses, our children, our parents…with cards, flowers, candy, balloons, stuffed animals and dinners out. Etc., etc. Now, I am not against any of these things (particularly the candy thing), and none of them are bad things (except maybe the candy thing if you are doing Weight Watchers). But just like Christmas, it has gotten very commercialized. As if we need that one day to tell everyone we love them, but the other 364 (or 365 if it’s a leap year) days of the year, we don’t need to? I’m not going to go there…don’t worry.

So…my plan is to cook my hubby’s favorite meal (cubed steak, rice & gravy, and biscuits) and something the kids really like (fried chicken, homemade mac-n-cheese). It’s about the only day of the year I fry anything. They might wish we celebrated more often. We never go out on Valentine’s Day because, frankly, I hate dealing with the crowds and we’re not that big on eating out anyway. So I’ll express my love through cooking their favorite meals from scratch. Maybe I’ll light a candle or something. 🙂

So how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let us know what you do to make the day special.

Enjoy your celebrations!