Adventure time…

So Hubby and I are off on a belated anniversary trip. So far, we’ve sat on the deck and read…and I had coffee. Relaxing…so nice! 



Sweet Summertime

Sweet summer time…lemonade and sweet tea, days without schedules, afternoon thunder showers, the smell of freshly cut grass. And fresh veggies!

I picked peas yesterday. And a couple of green tomatoes to fry up.

Put up ten quarts of Silver Queen corn today. Going to use the strawberries I got a few weeks ago and froze to make jam. Hoping to go blueberry picking and put some of those in the freezer as well.

When I was shelling peas yesterday, I expected to here the music from

“The Young and the Restless” playing as we often shelled peas or snapped beans while my Nanny’s stories were on.

Next up…canning green beans if I can get enough of them. 
Now I can hardly wait for my first taste of an icy cold watermelon. Not those ones in the grocery store in December. I’m talking about the ones you buy from a man out of the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road. I can taste it now.
What takes you back to summers when you were a kid? Is it a smell? A taste? An activity? Share if you will.


Adventure Day :)

Today I enjoyed a surprise getaway day with my bestie Kathryn for my birthday. We visited Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner outside Charleston. What a beautiful place! It was hot and there was a huge alligator! We noshed on some yummy food and I got free cake. Yay! 

       Thank you, Kathryn, for my fun day!