What a beautiful day we are having here in Aiken, SC today! But, man, is it breezy! But the sun is out and it’s gorgeous! I’m enjoying the view from inside instead of sitting outside this afternoon. 🙂

We had a wonderful morning at church celebrating victories from our church-wide Financial Peace University classes that have been going on for the past ten weeks. If you get the opportunity to participate in FPU, I encourage you to do it! I’m a nerd, so I’m enjoying the budgeting part. Weirdo…I know. I’m okay with that. We are planning a vacation for spring break – cash only! No plastic allowed.

By this time next week, I’ll be Hilton Head bound and the Cooper River Bridge Run 2014 will be over. I’d appreciate your prayers for safety in travel to and from Charleston, as well as during the race. Not just for me, but for the 40,000+ runners who will be there. (That’s a lot of runners, by the way.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m off to visit the parents and help take care of my littlest nephew.



P.S. And enjoy this view.



It’s Sunday…Monday’s Coming!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday! After a busy morning at church in Kidz Creek, I managed a little nap and then enjoyed some coffee while I worked on my budget for FPU. (That wasn’t so much fun.)

Sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Glad I did as we are apparently expecting a “wintry mix” mid-week.

Dinner tonight is Fireman’s Chicken Spaghetti, mashed sweet potatoes with praline topping and corn (gotta feed the vegetarian). Yum.

Y’all have a good night!


P.S. Why, oh why, is no one sharing pictures of their weekly challenges? I’ll be posting my kitchen ones later this week. 



Happy Sunday! Tech-free day update – I did it!

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all are having and blessed and relaxed day! I just woke up from a wonderful – and quite long! – afternoon nap and my sweet hubby made me coffee. How awesome is that? We had an amazing worship service this morning and God took care of all the gaps left by volunteers on vacation in the kids’ area. What a great day!

So, yesterday was my tech-free day. Other than to check my church e-mails (just in case!) and to get online so that I could balance the checkbook (before said sweet hubby drove me crazy about it), I managed to stay off the phone and off the computer. No Candy Crush. No Facebook (except messaging a volunteer). No Words with Friends. Here’s what I did instead: read a 400-page book; cleaned out the fridge; browned ground beef for two meals this week; took a nap; picked and snapped the last of my green beans; made a tomato pie just because;  worked on a month-long menu plan; did laundry (hubby and son needed work clothes for tomorrow); made dinner; jogged 1 1/2 miles; went to bed early. And, of course, I watched some college football in  between. I’m thinking of being tech-free every Saturday. Maybe I should do it more often as I got an awful lot done without the distractions. We shall see. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day! I hope you have the day off tomorrow for Labor Day. I do. 🙂 Long nap today AND I can sleep in tomorrow if I want. Win!



Happy Sunday!

Good morning! This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it! Celebrate the dads today. It’s their day. As always, get a nap in if you can. It’s still the day of rest. 🙂 Have a blessed day! ~ Lynne

Happy Sunday!

Good evening!

Hoping someone had a restful Sunday. 🙂 Mine was a tad busy, but not too bad. It’s rainy, sleepy weather but the nap didn’t happen. Oh, well. Maybe another day!

I’m still trying to decide on my spring cleaning project for the week. What do you have in mind? Which room will you work on?

I hope you sleep well. Beware: Monday’s coming!


It’s a beautiful day that the Lord has made!

Good Sunday morning!

It is a gorgeous day here in Aiken. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. (And they are wiping out my bird feeders faster than we can fill them!)

I wanted to let you know that I did survive my first 10K. I even finished with a faster time than my goal! And I was able to get out of bed this morning. 🙂 A little later than usual, but I’m up. My sweet hubby made me coffee this morning. It’s all good. I am taking a few minutes to write this before we go to church.

I hope you all enjoyed your first spring cleaning challenge. (Yes, enjoyed.) Completing a task or reaching a goal is very enjoyable. I learned that yesterday. I wasn’t feeling too excited about my goal when the alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. nor while we stood in line in the cold for almost 2 hours waiting for a shuttle bus. But, boy…crossing that finish line was AWESOME!

So, yes, spring cleaning CAN be enjoyable. Getting your home, your schedule, and your life simplified and in order is very freeing. It also gives you a great sense of accomplishment. If you get it done before summer gets here, you’ll have more time to enjoy the things of summer. Vacation. The great outdoors. More family time. It’s a great goal to have!

Today, of course, is our day of rest and rejuvenation. I hope you make time to do that. Rest. Relax. That is also freeing.

Have a blessed Sunday! I’ll be back in the morning with your second spring cleaning challenge.

Thank you, Teresa Redd, for posting yesterday! It was great! And thanks for encouraging me to meet my exercise/fitness goal as I got ready for yesterday. (Of course, I expect you to be with me next year.) I love you bunches.


It’s a beautiful Sunday!

Good Sunday morning!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning! (At least it is here in my neck of the woods.) I plan to spend at least a part of it outside enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. Being outside enjoying His creation is one of my favorite things. (I thank Him for allergy shots while I’m at it.) Dinner is going in the crock pot so that will be out of the way. I can already picture myself sitting on the front porch enjoying my afternoon. If I fall asleep there, that will be fine, too. 🙂

I hope you enjoy a restful, peaceful day full of blessings!

~ Lynne

Sunday…ahh, Sunday

Good Sunday morning!

Well, it may not feel too good to you with all that spring forward and such. Why, oh why, must we mess with the clock? I don’t like to spring forward. I just don’t. I do like spring…

First, I (Lynne) must wish a very “Happy 19th Birthday” to my beautiful “baby” girl today!

So. The time changes today. 6:30 a.m feels like 5:30 a.m. Sigh. You may get a nap in today unintentionally. Just nod off in the middle of dinner. That kind of thing. Everyone will understand. Or not notice since they’ll be unintentionally napping, too.

We hope you enjoy your day. Relax. Take a walk if the weather is nice. Take a nap if the weather is nice. 🙂 Keep it simple.


Lynne & Teresa

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”~Sidney J. Harris 

Sunday…and I’m hoping for rest!

Good Sunday morning!

I am actually writing this post on Saturday night lest I get busy tomorrow and fail to get around to it. While Sunday is usually my quiet day, tomorrow will be a bit more hectic than usual. I am helping host a baby shower in the afternoon, so between church and that, I don’t foresee a nap happening. Sigh. Early bedtime, however, is a definite possibility.

All the hard work for the shower actually got done today (Saturday). Ninety-six cupcakes baked and decorated. Chicken salad – and a LOT of it – got made. Everything is organized and ready to go. So hopefully, the shower will be fun and enjoyable.

Enjoy your Sunday. Someone take a nap for me!


P.S. Remember: Starting tomorrow, we are exercising and sharing recipes. Not sure I should have done those at the same time, but oh well. 🙂