Good morning!

Good morning, friends!

Hope you have a great Monday and a blessed week! 

Decluttering and getting ready for a yard sale are on my agenda this week. What are your plans?




Purging the Kitchen: The Proof is in the Pictures

Happy Thursday evening!

Whew! I’m tired! I’ve spent today purging in the kitchen and boy was it fun. Ha! But I did take pictures though I took “afters” not “befores” so you can’t really see what’s missing. So I’ll tell you: a Magic Bullet with all its assorted cups, blades, etc. ; a rice cooker; lots of plastic cups from fast food places (don’t tell my son!), and I greatly reduced my cookbook collection. And some kitchen towels, hot pads and oven mitts. I figured if I had trouble closing that drawer, I must have too many. Also gone are two baking pans that never got used, a few small baskets and some miscellaneous stuff. Altogether enough to fill a medium- sized bin. (That bin is now sitting in the dining room/yard sale staging area.

I moved some less frequently-used appliances, cooking pans and dishes to the pantry. Anything that is baking-related is in a cabinet near the stove. Drinking glasses are in the cabinet across from the refrigerator – or behind it depending on how you look at things. And though there are still too many coffee mugs, there are lot fewer than there used to be. I promise! But with the mugs are the coffee, coffee filters and sugar container. I moved serving dishes that don’t get used very often to the top shelves. They do get used, just not every day…or even every week.

I’ll be working in my garden tomorrow so I may not get to a purging project. But I’ve got my eye on the living room bookshelf!

Lynne 🙂


Largest counter top - though it isn't large :)

Largest counter top – though it isn’t large 🙂



The minimalist top of the freezer


Pantry door


Pantry (cat food in bin on floor; snacks, bread, etc. in other plastic containers)


The stuff I use for baking and all my handy tools


The baking stuff and drinking glasses (this cabinet is directly across from the fridge)


The “staples” cabinet


It looks like a lot of coffee mugs, but I used to have many more. Many, many more.


Everyday dishes


Often-used small appliances, mixing bowls, bread pans and colanders


Plastic storage, cutting boards, and baking pans


I like storing things in Mason jars 🙂


Hyacinths from the yard, just because…

Whole House Purge, Day 1

Okay, folks.

Let the purging commence! I’m starting in the kitchen. Pray for me!  I love my kitchen gadgets! Photos to follow – if they’re not too embarrassing! And while I’m in there, I’m cleaning the oven. Yikes!

Have a blessed day!